Nikita Zdvijkov
Software & Electrical Engineer
Houston & Remote


I seek a job as a software or electrical engineer in the Houston area or remote. I majored in electrical engineering with a minor in math (U of Tulsa ’21), but my career has so far centered on full-stack web development.

US citizen. References available. Contact: [email protected]


Programming languages
TypeScript, JavaScript, OCaml, ReScript, functional & OOP paradigms

Full-stack web dev
React, Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, web app architecture & security, CSRF, XSS, SQL injection, cookie-based authentication, PostgreSQL, Tailwind CSS, unit testing

Linux server administration, Docker, Heroku, GitHub CI/CD, Ubuntu, Debian, VPS (AWS EC2), PaaS (Heroku, Render), Docker Compose

Git, Agile, Scrum, public speaking, technical writing

Electrical engineering
Robotics, embedded systems, PCB design (EDA), controls, digital design, MATLAB analog circuit simulation

TS/JS ecosystem
React, Express.js, Next.js (React framework), Storybook (frontend component stories), Vite (frontend tooling), Vitest (unit testing), Jest (unit testing), Zod (schema validation), Koa (backend framework), Prisma (ORM), Knex (ORM), esbuild (bundler), SWC (TS transpiler), Astro (static site generator), Puppeteer (browser automation and web scraping)

SolidWorks (CAD), discrete math, linear algebra, statistics, C, MIPS assembly, LaTeX typesetting

Native proficiency in both English and Russian


Small and mid-size business clients Remote

Solo Freelance Software Engineer June 2022–Present

  • Consulted non-technical clients.
  • Architected, implemented, and deployed a custom web scraping system + admin panel web interface.
  • Stack: TypeScript, Express.js, React SSR, PostgreSQL, Prisma ORM, Linux VPS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS
  • Implemented using low-level libraries: cookie-based auth, form validation, anti-CSRF

Asemio Tulsa, OK & Remote

Software Engineer May 2021–June 2022

  • Rapidly onboarded to a 5-dev Agile team building a custom operations management system for a large technical college in Oklahoma.
  • Worked on the frontend: a React SPA styled using Sass, consuming a GraphQL API.
  • Coordinated APIs and conventions with teammates.
  • Augmented a custom Salesforce CRM system for Oklahoma charities. Designed, implemented, and optimized database triggers in Apex and SOQL. Built UIs using Visualforce and Lightning Web Components.
  • Worked closely and creatively with stakeholders and project managers.

Software Engineer Intern May 2020–May 2021

  • Prototyped an internal Slack chatbot tool in OCaml, a functional programming paradigm language.
  • Wrote asynchronous HTTP clients and servers. Modeled third-party APIs using the type system.


The University of Tulsa Tulsa, OK

B.S. Electrical Engineering
Minor in Mathematics
Class of ’21

  • Chapter President—Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the professional organization for compsci majors, the best-funded ($5k+ annual budget) club at TU. Doubled event frequency and attendance. Organized tech talks and recruiting events regularly attended by 30+ and a hackathon attended by 100+. Gave ~10 tech talks. Lead a team of 5 officers for 2 years as president after 1 year as treasurer. 2018–2021
  • 1st place in Regional IEEE Poster Competition for my team’s senior design project: upgrades to a custom distributed embedded door access control system in use at TU. 2021
  • Emceed and performed for an audience of ~150 at an international festival. 2020


I enjoy swimming, cooking, picnics, and learning history.

Also, I love teaching, especially math, science, and computer programming—I tutor both as a community service and professionally a few hours every week.

I enjoy the ML family of functional programming (FP) languages because they afford me greater confidence in the correctness of my code. For example, Elm promises no runtime errors. To be clear, I am not an FP fanatic, at least not yet. “When the only tool you have is a hammer…”

I started college as a mechanical engineering major—I love working with my hands and designing mechanical machines. Electrons are cool too, I guess.